Welcome or “Tukusanyukidde”, “Karibu”, “Herzlich Willkommen” to Hope Sharing Family (HOSFA) website!
zzz Each single second you spend interacting with us through this website, is a treasure to HOSFA ‒ mission fulfillment especially the deprived members of our community who are under the care of HOSFA.

Since early 1990s, HOSFA has reached out to many thousands of human hearts in need of hope with Mityana and the surrounding districts. The question is that; how could a small, local organization like HOSFA have kept its mission high close to two decades with little and sometimes no financial resources?
The answer has always been the “will-engine” of HOSFA founder members and staff together with the support from our trusted partners like you who have kept the HOSFA candle burning.

As a charitable organization, we are committed to being honest, open and accountable to our partners and our website is one of the ways we do this.

Our website aims at bringing all the detailed information about HOSFA vision, mission, objectives, and activities as well as the services it provides to the public and it further serves as a platform of interaction of its HOSFA-members and partners at both local and international levels.
We greatly hope that; this website will bring and build a stronger bridge of friendship and sharing. Despite all the care taken while compiling the information, errors and important omissions are also possible. Your valued suggestions and feedback are always welcome for the betterment of this website.

My heartiest thanks go to HOSFA Founder members, the Carmelite sisters, Kiyinda - Mityana Diocese, partner organizations, our donors, Volunteers, the staff, HOSFA former beneficiaries association, our communities, the Buganda kingdom, Central and Local governments of Uganda and of Mityana district respectively for their commitment towards mission.

I conclude by extending my deepest gratitude to HOSFA - supported I.C.T newly graduated students; Bruce John Matte and Sidney Wasibani who have designed this website as a sign of sharing back their acquired skills.
As it is said and indeed is true, “a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.

Thank you and please; enjoy our website!

Noa Kakooza Minaani

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