St. Thereza Secondary School - Zigoti

St. Thereza secondary school, Zigoti, mixed day and boarding, is one of the Hosfa projects that was started in 2014 by HOSFA under the mission to provide a conducive learning environment for quality holistic education to learners in order to become responsible global citizens and the vision of training a self-reliant responsible global citizen through affordable and accessible education services to the local communities.


The total number of students is 124. Currently it has three levels that is S1, S2 and S3 respectively. The school has a total number of 15 staff both teaching and non-teaching.


The school teaches 14 subjects which include;

  1. Mathematics,
  2. English,
  3. Geography,
  4. Biology,
  5. Chemistry,
  6. Physics,
  7. Agriculture,
  8. History,
  9. C.R.E,
  10. Fine Art,
  11. Entrepreneurship,
  12. Computer.
  13. luganda
  14. mathematic

The school runs three sets of exams in a term which are beginning of term, mid term and end of term, in addition to the class room assessments done by subject teachers. The students are also involved in debating and group discussions to brighten their skills and eloquence.

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