St. Thereza Vocational Institute - Zigoti

Founded in 1993 with help from the Carmelite sisters of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese, St. Thereza is an institute geared towards providing skills based training to Mityana youth. The institute targets youth that are less privileged to empower them with knowledge and skills to enable them create their own jobs for self-sustenance.

St. Thereza is recognized by Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) and Ministry of Education and Sports with a registration number UVQF 009(Uganda Vocational Qualification Framework) and students attain certificates in Level I and Level II.

Support from us

We extend our policy of cost sharing to the students of St. Thereza which means subsidised fees. Some students receive direct support from us through our social services department. Click here to find out how
The Hope Sharing Family also supports students who are pursuing education at other learning centers. We support students from all levels of education in conjunction with our partners. COSNA daycare nursery and primary school for example takes HOSFA students at lower fees. There are several secondary schools in the area that work with us so we can arrange for our students to attend day school and still be able to return home and help with housework.

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