Stories of Hope

The human spirit is meant to be indomitable. I have heard countless tales of people who did not give up, who perservered and inspired everyone around them to aspire for more. They bring back the light of hope to us.
These stories are not mere legends told in the evening hour to sooth the weak willed. They are a testament to the wonder that is life, they strengthen us because they are in fact about us. We see ourselves in the ones who make it. We sympathize with the ones who don't. That is the way life goes; you win some , you lose some. You never give up.

We pray you see yourself in these stories and see the dim glow of the sun peeping on your horizon. No one knows your situation better than you so we can't really say we understand what you are going through. But you are not alone. There is help for you out there. There is Hope.

The Tale of triplets

Nakimuli Sarah feeding her triplets on one plate and cup at their home in Ndibulungi

These triplets were born to Mr. Munyantwale Matia and Nakimuli Sarah of Ndibulungi village in Mityana district. After their birth in Mityana Hospital, Matia the father wanted to run away from the family for he thought it was a curse to have three children at ago! To the mother it was an added responsibility to care for now six children.
It was a tough situation to the couple, to take care of the six children especially to feed the three young ones. As our organization was doing its usual visit in the community, we came across the family and we invited the man to our social service department to see how best to support them. Social service started caring for the children through giving alternative breast feeding food for the children. Now they are doing well and they are 3 and half years. We are still following the up and looking forward to support them with education.

Shelter to the aged

Namboze Solome is 86 years old , living with 3 grand- children at Bukanaga village in the suburbs of Mityana Town council. This old woman was found in a mud house with a problem of fleas and bed- bags due to the rats that had invaded her mud house. This old lady and her grand children were suffering from many diseases caused by the poor living conditions. She was often frequenting our St. Francis community Health Centre for treatment.

Jjaja Solome posing with grand children before her Old house adjancent to the new home


During the routine home visits in the community, the staff of HOSFA visited Solome's home and noticed that the situation was not good. So HOSFA through social services department agreed to construct a two roomed house where she now lives. Her living condition is now good. She no longer complains about diseases and she rarely comes to the Health Centre for treatment like before.

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