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Mityana Town is located 60km west of the Capital City of Uganda, along Kampala - Mubende Road. It is located in Mityana District in Central Uganda.
Being close to lake Victoria the district enjoys two rainy seasons around March and August and is predominantly an agricultural district. It has gentle slopes and u-shaped open valleys; perfect for real estate.

The population of Mityana is estimated at about 265,994(according to the 2002 census, with a growth rate of 2.8%) people with females slightly outnumbering males. It is a fast growing district which has seen great development in the area of housing and accomodation riding on the proximity of the Trans-African Highway.


Like many major Ugandan cities, Mityana was devastated when the global AIDS pandemic broke out. It was once estimated that one in ten people in Mityana town was infected with HIV/AIDS. Over eight hundred children have been orphaned as a result. During the same eighties when HIV was discovered, the "bush war" that brought President Yoweri Museveni to power brought many people to Mityana in a bid to avoid the war in Luwero. But thank God for the miraculous turn around the country has seen. Through a collective nationwide effort the national HIV prevalence has dropped. Indeed Mityana is slowly making progress.

Our Community today.

To grow means to surmount your old problems and facedown your new adversary with the confidence borne of overcoming. We continue to see improvements in peoples lives, with reduction of poverty and emancipation of women now taking precedence where AIDS was once the focus. The community is beginning to take notice of important everyday issues like education and basic health care. Achieving these goals is no easy task but we have made a commitment to see it through. By the grace of God and the sweat of our backs we shall prevail.

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