Our History

The Carmelite Sisters who settled in Mityana from Welden - Germany in 1967 used to receive and help the poor and the sick with basic human needs without discrimination.

Mityana community experienced socio-economic chalenges due to political instability in the 70's, then the liberation war of 79, the civil war between 1981-86 and the outbreak of HIV/AIDS pandemic left many families affected due to deaths of the family heads.
The Carmelite Sisters originally used to extend help directly to the affected families until the 1990's when they explored a strategy of encouraging some local Christians to be a channel of their assistance to the poor. Thus in 1993 ,with more facilitation from Aktion-Hoffnung in Augsburg Diocese - Germany, HOSFA was born.

Hope Sharing Family - Who We Are

We are non-profit, non-government and pro-people, a charitable Ugandan organisation with a Christian background that extends services to the deprived of Mityana district. We reach out to the elderly, orphans, widows, people living with disability, the terminally ill especially victims of the HIV/AIDS scourge.

By sensitising the community about how to improve their socio-economic standing and providing basic vital health care we hope to better the lives of our people. We help orphans and other children attain an education and provide vocational training to youth so they can earn a living. We build and repair homes and provide them with basic amenities like food and water.

Mission and Vision

The mission:
"To contribute to the process that will enable the deprived access Basic Human Needs and promote self sustenance"

Our vision is an empowered community where everyone will have access to basic human needs.

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