Welcome or "Tukusanyukidde", "Karibu", "Herzlich Willkommen" to Hope Sharing Family (HOSFA) website!
Each single second you spend interacting with us through this website, is a treasure to HOSFA - mission fulfillment especially the deprived members of our community who are under the care of HOSFA.
Since early 1990s, HOSFA has reached out to many thousands of human hearts in need of hope with Mityana and the surrounding districts. The question is that; how could a small, local organization like HOSFA have kept its mission high close to two decades with little and sometimes no financial resources? The answer has always been the "will-engine" of HOSFA founder members and staff together with the support from our trusted partners like you who have kept the HOSFA candle burning.-


Our Community

It has been many years since Mityana saw the devastation of war. When refugees flooded the area in droves, most of them with no particular plan for the future. When at the turn of the decade, just like everywhere else in Uganda, AIDS hit.

Today Mityana has recovered well from hers scars and boosts a thriving agricultural community...

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  • HOSFA celebrated 25 years of servicing Mityana community since 1993.
  • Set up of HOSFA JUBILEE BAKERY producing bread, cakes, sponge rolls, cookies and other confectionaries.
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